It sounds like the lyrics from a Bonnie Tyler song! But, there is certainly a shortage in good job seekers. The market is saturated with opportunities but with very few candidates applying for those roles. So where have the job seekers gone? In a period of uncertainty, job seekers tend to stay put. Permanent staff want security and are not prepared to risk a move if it’s for only a small pay rise.

With the introduction of LinkedIn and other online CV databases, more potential candidate’s details are available to the open market. Often however, the candidates that are most of interest haven’t updated their CV or profile for some time and are considered inactive candidates; not necessarily searching for new opportunities.

In a market with very few active candidates applying for opportunities, inactive candidates are your best bet.

So how do you go about getting inactive candidates to respond to your approach? Well it’s simple, your role has to give them something they are not getting from their existing employer and for each person, that can be different. They may be looking for more responsibility, more money, an exciting product set, career progression, training, working closer to home, flexible working conditions.

Producing a summary about a position, a list of responsibilities and essential skills is no longer enough. You need to promote your benefits package, where the role could lead, what training can be provided, perks of the role etc. It’s no longer just about how much you pay, candidates look to the long term and so it’s essential you take this into consideration when planning your next recruitment campaign.

Research has shown that a benefits package can be just as important. Offering a company contributory pension scheme, health cover and other benefits will certainly help but more importantly:

  • What is the working environment like?
  • Is their parking available?
  • Flexible working conditions?
  • How many days holiday and can you buy more holiday?
  • Do you hold social events?

It’s about the total package. It’s important to relay this information to the candidate to encourage their decision but more importantly, if you don’t offer much more than just a job, no benefits, no flexibility, then you seriously need to consider introducing this at some point if you want your next offer to be accepted. You have to sell the opportunity to the candidate just as much as they too you.

Metaskil work with numerous companies, all offering a variety of benefits, so if you would like some inside information, suggestions about how you could improve your offer, then give us a call. We love to work with forward thinking organisations who value their staff and come up with innovative rewards. Not only does this help to retain your existing staff, it attracts new employees to.

We can help you attract those inactive candidates, it costs nothing to try our services, you only pay us when we succeed. I’d be delighted to discuss this in more detail with you.