Our clients not only come to us to recruit key individuals to their organisation. They also seek our advice and guidance when formulating recruitment strategies, benchmarking salaries and formulating job specifications and benefits.  Our relationships are built on the key values we have aligned ourselves too, we promise never to mislead our clients, we are fully transparent on how the candidate search is progressing and we won’t make promises we can’t keep.

Our key values




We share our industry knowledge to help you grow your team, using our in-depth experience to give you an insight into the current market and how we foresee candidate availability for your specific role. Our advice and thinking outside of the box during difficult times when a particular role is proving hard to recruit for, can prove instrumental in fulfilling the most challenging of roles.

Our search for the right candidates for your role is very thorough and we use interview techniques designed to ensure that only suitably skilled candidates are submitted to our clients. We found out many years ago that one of the most important factors you must take into consideration is cultural (team) fit. We have seen some of the brightest and most talented people fail because they simple couldn’t integrate into the team. Therefore, as part of our search we take this into consideration when shortlisting of the candidates we will be presenting to our clients.

When you work with Metaskil you have a dedicated Account Manager, and the confidence to know should that person not be available, for whatever reason, their colleague who steps in to cover from them, will be fully aware of your requirements, we work as a team not as a bunch of individuals pitted against each other.  We pride ourselves on our professional approach at all times, you’ll be dealing with seasoned professionals with a minimum of 20 years’ experience of working within the IT Recruitment and Resourcing industry. 

We see our role as reducing the time and effort our client spends assessing candidate CV’s and undertaking interviews. It is not uncommon for our clients to receive 3 applicants from us, to interview 2 or sometimes all and then make an offer. One of the major concerns we hear from many of our clients is they don’t think our competition are filtering the candidate CV’s, they are merely hedging their bet by sending every applicant to the client and letting them make the decision. This can be very time consuming and adds no value and certainly not how Metaskil works.

We take client and candidate privacy very seriously. We do not advertise roles that simply do not exist. We disclosure to every candidate which company they are being submitted to. We request written proof in the form of an email that they have not previously applied direct or through another agency for the same role. That they give us permission to manage their application on behalf of our client.

Our management buyout in early 2017, saw us make the conscious decision to create a robust working environment for our team. We no longer have a central office and so staff work from home at hours that suit them. This flexibility means we can be on hand to support our clients at a time that is most convenient to them. You hear a lot about Work/Life balance and that is truly is how Metaskil operate. This also means in difficult times such as the Covid UK lockdown, Metaskil’s ability to operate was not affected.


Metaskil's strong account management skills and ability to resolve HR and performance issues is a real benefit for our clients

  • Should a Client experience an issue, which is unlikely, we encourage them to speak with Metaskil so we can address any HR & performance issues. We approach this is a very professional manner, discreetly and in a way that doesn’t leave the contractor (associate) feeling embarrassed. This enables for a positive client relationship

Metaskil's management of project resources maximises the positives

  • Metaskil operate an online time recording solution that encourages smooth approval processes and prompt payment to the contractors
  • Manage cash-flow
  • Deal with issues
  • When it comes to contract documentation, handling of extensions and payment of invoices, Metaskil handles this in a very positive manner enabling the project resource to fully focus on the task at hand, delivering for our client

What you can expect from Metaskil

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The average number of candidates selected for interview. 

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The percentage of candidates offered the role.

CVs Submitted

The number of CV’s Metaskil submit per role on average.