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At Metaskil we work with our clients to understand their project and programme resource needs and plan for their supply. We pride ourselves on delivering the right people, with the right skills and attitude.

Metaskil has thirty years’ experience providing our clients with high-calibre candidates.

Our aim is simple – to save you time and money by limiting the time you have to spend reviewing CV’s and interviewing candidates. Our clients know that, of the 2 or 3 candidates we submit, the individual they want to recruit will be in that short-list.

How do we achieve this?

Through engaging with our clients and understanding their needs, what they are looking for and more importantly, what they don’t want. We use this knowledge when pre-screening potential candidates; ensuring relevant skills and experience and, most importantly, a good cultural fit.

Our experience has taught us that, even where a candidate can demonstrate the required knowledge and skills, their behaviour is even more important in determining success.

We use our experience to take candidates through a thorough pre-screening process, including identity and reference checks, to eliminate unsuitable candidates – ensuring that you only see the CVs of candidates that we are confident will deliver.

Our Clients